Moisturising Cream SPF 15 Vipera Ammodytes Venom (50 ml )

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Üretici Firma: FAVIAMMODYTES (SC MB AMMODYTES SRL) ROMANYA TÜRKİYE Distiribütörü (İthalatçı Firma): VAROL AGA Faviammodytes şirketi 2012 yılında Romanya'da Engerek Yılanı (Vipera-Ammodytes) çiftliği kurarak yılan zehri üretim faaliyetine başlamıştır. 2013 yılında, doğal kozmetik ürünlerinin üretiminde uzmanlaşmış Favisan Laboratuvarı ile birlikte % 100 Orijinal Snake Venom (Viper Family: Vipera Ammodytes Venom) - % 100 Doğal Burunlu/Boynuzlu Engerek Yılanı Zehrini kozmetik sektöründe kullanmaya başlamıştır, cilt&yüz bakımı ve masaj kremleri üretmektedir. Ürünler; Avrupa Birliği Biyolojik Ürünler gereklilikler ve kurallarına uygundur. Dermatolojik olarak test edilmiştir. Türkiye Distiribütörlüğü Varol-Ağa Çiftliği tarafından yapılmaktadır. Varol-Ağa Çiftliği 2012 yılında ticari faaliyetine başlamış ve halen arıcılık ve kozmetik sektöründe faaliyet göstermektedir ve bünyesinde venomterapi ve apiterapi üzerine 5 farklı firmanın Türkiye distiribütörlüğünü yapmaktadır.
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Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 with viper venom

• Anti-Wrinkle • Hydrates • Nurtures • Moisturizes • Anti-Stress • Unisex

Viper venom in Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 is to minimise the existing wrinkles and prevents  new wrinkles, and in combination with various plants and vegetable oils increases its effect.

It has a yellow sun colour, given by the beta-carotene from carrot oil, and it has a natural perfume, because the mixture of herbs and vegetable oils in the composition.

With a slightly dense texture , the cream prevents the removal of water from the skin, keeping her tone.

Recommended for all skin types needing intense hydration and protection from aggression environmental factors.

Can be used both for prevention of wrinkles and to minimise existing wrinkles.

Recommended equally to women and men. (Unisex)

Ingredients Moisturiser SPF 15:

• ammodytes viper venom • carrot oil • cucumber oil • Organic Argan Oil • Organic Olive Oil • Herbal Extract 11 Favisan • wheat germ extract • Honey • Beta-carotene • Cocoa Butter • Glycerin • Vitamin B5 • Vitamin E.
How does cream once applied on the face ?

Used every day, from a young age, Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 acts of prevention and maintenance, and the skin will look better over the years and years that the method is non-invasive (no injections) and does not require a mechanical stretch ( sudden ) skin but a natural process in preventing the formation of new wrinkles and existing wrinkles look alleviate the power cell oxygenation and regeneration of complex substances in the venom. Wrinkle and anti-aging effects of snake venom have been clinically proven by laboratory tests.
How does the venom of the viper in faviammodytes facial creams?

• relaxes facial muscles, The wrinkles that form no more facial muscles, under-eye bags, sun spot to contract and inhibits their formation.

The method is non-invasive (no injections ) and does not require a mechanical stretch ( sudden ) skin, but a natural process in preventing the formation of new wrinkles and existing wrinkles look mitigation.
How does the venom of the viper from Nourishing Cream for skin wrinkled?

• relaxes facial muscles, under-eye bags preventing the formation of expression wrinkles or alleviating existing ones due to the composition neurotoxin preventing the formation of expression wrinkles and alleviating existing ones due to the composition neurotoxin.

• work in ensuring a good profunizimea tissue oxygenation and cell regeneration , the complexity of the substances they contain.

• venom peptides stimulates the skin to produce collagen naturally.

• enhance the properties of oils and plant extracts in the cream mixture, due to an enzyme that has the ability to rapidly diffuse into tissues.

Basically, a miracle ingredient in the composition viper venom , blocks the signals ( electrical impulses ) transmitted by nerves from the brain to the muscles and thus facial muscle relaxation.
Neurotoxin venom substance called equivalent natural cosmetic botulinum toxin used for removing wrinkles, induce a neuromuscular blockade which relaxes facial muscles and has the effect of reducing wrinkles. The venom acts in depth oxygenating facial tissues and regenerating cells.

Viper venom facial creams are known cosmetic markets as part of the category " cosmeceutical " halfway between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Viper venom in Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 is 100 % natural.

Cucumber extract moisturizes and softens skin. Argan oil nourishes and restores skin radiance. Cocoa butter, carrot oil and beta-carotene protects the skin from UV rays. Olive oil, wheat germ extract, honey, vitamin B5 and extracts of 11 plants moisturize the skin. Vitamin E protects from UV rays. No Perfume.


Usage: Apply morning and evening on hand, face, eye circumference, lip circumference, brow circumference, neck and décolletage . Massage gently until the cream is absorbed completely.


Warning! Do not use the cream during pregnancy
and breast-feeding!


Because we care about nature and want our products meet the highest quality stand- burn , we use natural ingredients from organic farming .

Not tested on animals.

Tested Dermatologically. 

Our products do not contain parabens , aluminum or phenoxyethanol . Thus , they are safe and suitable for all skin types .

Notified by EU and in accordance with EU requirements for BIO .