AmmoSlim – Anti-Cellulite Remodeling Body Cream (300 ml)

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Üretici Firma: FAVIAMMODYTES (SC MB AMMODYTES SRL) ROMANYA TÜRKİYE Distiribütörü (İthalatçı Firma): VAROL AGA Faviammodytes şirketi 2012 yılında Romanya'da Engerek Yılanı (Vipera-Ammodytes) çiftliği kurarak yılan zehri üretim faaliyetine başlamıştır. 2013 yılında, doğal kozmetik ürünlerinin üretiminde uzmanlaşmış Favisan Laboratuvarı ile birlikte % 100 Orijinal Snake Venom (Viper Family: Vipera Ammodytes Venom) - % 100 Doğal Burunlu/Boynuzlu Engerek Yılanı Zehrini kozmetik sektöründe kullanmaya başlamıştır, cilt&yüz bakımı ve masaj kremleri üretmektedir. Ürünler; Avrupa Birliği Biyolojik Ürünler gereklilikler ve kurallarına uygundur. Dermatolojik olarak test edilmiştir. Türkiye Distiribütörlüğü Varol-Ağa Çiftliği tarafından yapılmaktadır. Varol-Ağa Çiftliği 2012 yılında ticari faaliyetine başlamış ve halen arıcılık ve kozmetik sektöründe faaliyet göstermektedir ve bünyesinde venomterapi ve apiterapi üzerine 5 farklı firmanın Türkiye distiribütörlüğünü yapmaktadır.
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AmmoSlim, our anti-cellulite remodeling body cream contains natural essential oils, which, in combination with the viper venom, have a powerful effect. It has a natural, light colour, a dense texture and a pleasant smell, its high note being juniper. The viper venom gives a quick absorption rate in the skin and tissue, mainly due to its enzymes. It also helps to relax your muscles.
AmmoSlim fights the causes of cellulite, activates the microcirculation (ivy, paprika, juniper and vit. E), it has solubilisant action (walnut and algae), it prevents the development of adipose tissue, it reduces cellulitic edemas (birch and magnesium), it stops premature aging and damage of the connective tissue, it has a tonificant action and restructures the skin structure (equisetum and chamomile), it nurtures the tissue and protects the skin of UV rays (bio cocoa butter). The viper venom stimulates tissues’ collagen production, giving the skin elasticity, and relaxes the muscles.

Our recommendations:

After the cellulite massage or applying skin cream, we recommend washing your hands intensively and rinse thoroughly! Avoid contact with eyes or face immediately after using Remodelatoare Cellulite Cream - AmmoSlim because oil can cause burning chilli;
The cream can be applied before going to the gym or before starting an activity that requires effort, because movement stimulates blood circulation, and the effects are felt after a few hours;
You can also apply osmotic film (cling film) for packaging, the recommended time is between 30 mins and 2:00. After removing the foil, do not shower or bath, because the natural ingredients of composites continues to act on cellulite and fat;
Besides cream for a healthy body we recommend a balanced diet, water consumption and a lot of daily exercise.



- Do not use the cream during pregnancy
and breast-feeding!

 - Keep it where children can not reach.


Ingredients: chili oil, ivy, algae oil, walnut oil, birch oil, calamus oil, Chamomile, equisetum, Magnesium, Vipera ammodytes venom, No Perfume.


Because we care about nature and want our products meet the highest quality stand- burn , we use natural ingredients from organic farming.

Not tested on animals.

Tested Dermatologically. 
Our products do not contain parabens , aluminum or phenoxyethanol . Thus , they are safe and suitable for all skin types.

Notified by EU and in accordance with EU requirements for BIO .



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